Life Line Hospital Life Line Family Checkup Drive | H-Pylori Awareness Campaign

Award winning, highly trusted and inordinately popular hospital ‘LLH’ has an aggressive & proactive marketing approach with back-to-back marketing campaigns throughout the year. Being their creative agency we have successfully delivered several campaigns for LLH including, Life Line Family Checkup Drive and H-Pylori awareness campaign. Due to their diverse targets, these campaigns were created & executed in five languages (Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi & Bengali). Life Line Family Checkup Drive’s concept was based on ‘Drive’ homophone where the big idea was to make a mare family fun drive productive and healthy by taking part in free consultation and health screening at any branch of LLH. On the other hand, H-Pylori awareness campaign practiced an emotional approach where the most powerful emotion, FEAR was used as a trigger to effectively capture attention. Fear was chosen considering the intensity and severity of the infection to provoke an immediate action.