TECOM Investments – A Member of Dubai Holding Vibrant Community Events & Activities

Gauging the fame and eminence of TECOM indoor/outdoor events enticing both residents and tourists, a micro-site was suggested and successfully created to serve as a single platform with the purpose of increasing awareness, sharing event details and eminently generating a positive buzz for TECOM events. The micro-site has an indoor & outdoor events calendar for the ease of users along with social sharing options for every event to amplify its reach. The look & feel of the website was created keeping in view TECOM’s existing logo and Vibrant Community’s persona which is energetic, active, lively, vibrant and entertaining. TECOM is growing & so is the frequency of its events. We played our part in helping our client reach out & connect to their audiences in an interactive, interesting yet chic manner using the very best of online marketing tactics.